Unless you are living in another planet, you would have heard of the accusations of sexual harassment against Republican presidential contender Herman Cain. But like all the others before, Clinton, Weiner and others, he has denied ever harassing these women. (READ MORE)

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And Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, represents this new African female. The whole world rejoiced in her beauty and winning the pageant, except the froggy Miss France, who criticized Miss Leila Lopes selection as the winner, especially for not being too friendly. Just imagine her asinine comment: READ MORE


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I recently came across a rather unusual stupid letter from a so-called new Consul-General of Nigeria in Atlanta. In all my years observing the diplomatic world, I have never come across such an idiotic piece of ignorant and absurd nonsensical verbiage as displayed in what is titled "Letter to All Organizations," in which this nincompoop is advocating that all Nigerian organizations must first consult him (Hon. Consul-General, Atlanta), before inviting Nigerian dignitaries to functions or events in the US.

We have had some very powerful Ambassadors and Consuls-General in New York before the creation of the office in Atlanta. In Washington, DC, we have had Amb. Prof. Jibril Aminu, former powerful Petroleum Minister as well as Education now Federal Senator, who didn't dare issue such a directive; Amb. Prof. George Obiozor who was Director-General of the Institute of International Affairs, who didn't dare issue such a directive; current Ambassador Prof. Ade Adefuye who has been here almost two years has not dared issue such a directive. Who is then this scallywag!!!

I believe the Ministry of Foreign Affairs MUST QUICKLY EFFECT MR. TENEILABE'S IMMEDIATE RECALL BACK TO ABUJA to learn what his duties in America are, before he embarrasses the country further.


Aug. 26 - Blacks all over are praying for the marriage of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to survive, since it was reported by the weekly tabloid newspaper In Touch that the couple had decided to split. The tabloid has gone on to fuel more rumor that Will, suspecting his wife, decided to surreptitiously return home one day, only to find Jada and Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez's husband, together. He reportedly walked away crying. Given the nature of their so-called "open marriage", which allows both to have flings with whoever they fancy, it seems improbable that Will would be crying in finding Jada in the hands of another man.



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Aug. 24 - Yesterday, Tuesday 23rd August, the New York City's Manhattan District Attorney Mr. Cyrus Vance's office decided to drop of all charges against Mr. Dominique Strauss-Khan, who had been accused by Ms. Nafissatou Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea, who accused him of trying to rape her. The Manhattan DA based his action on spurious argument about Ms. Diallo having made false statements in the past, which should have had nothing to do with establishing whether she was raped or not by Strauss-Khan. By dropping the case, the Manhattan District Attorney's office has raped Ms. Diallo twice.

In his motion to dismiss the case, what is clearly established is that the defendant, residues of Mr. Strauss-Khan's sperm was found on Ms. Diallo's dress. Now because of the fact that they inferred she had lied in the past, that they could not establish truthfulness as to how this came about, whether it was consensual or not.

Read the Motion to Dismiss and make your comment as to whether Mr. Cyrus Vance was justified or not in dismiss all charges against Mr. Strauss-Khan. (Read more)

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